Saturday, August 16, 2008

I heard from Rebecca Germany on a Christmas anthology proposal that three other authors and I submitted almost a year ago. It's a yes!!

Christmas Homecoming will be released December, 2009. Working titles are, "Silver Bells," by Debby Mayne, "The First Noelle," by Paige Winship Dooly, "I'll be Home for Christmas," by Elizabeth Ludwig, and "O Christmas Tree," by Elizabeth Goddard.
Collection Blurb: After being scattered by jobs and missions, the Scheirer family comes together to witness their grandmother's wedding to a long-time family friend. Noelle, Christmas, and Holly return to their hometown of Boulder, Colorado, where they find love and happiness in their own backyard. As they get back to their roots, they find comfort in the fact that the Lord's plan for them is greater than anything they could ever have imagined.

It's definitely an exciting time for me!


What is Keep Me In Suspense? said...

That's Great news! I couldn't be happier. LOL

Funny, they're two Elizabeth's in the collection:)


Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Yes, it's funny, but it could sure make for confusion...except that Elizabeth Goddard goes by Beth and I go by Lisa. We've managed to sort it out. :-)

Ane Mulligan said...

I love Christmas anthologies! I get to review it, please? Besides, I'm your biggest fan. :D

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

You betcha, Ane!! You get the first copy...well...maybe not the first. But definitely the second.

Janelle said...

HEY! Why don't I get the second??? LOL So happy for you, Lisa. Can't wait to get my signed copy. (g)

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Did I say Ane gets the second? I mean YOU get the second...or my mom...or my elderly grandmother...or my first born child...

Oh, bother. You all get the second and you all have to share.

Janelle said...

ACK. No thanks. I'll take the third so I can keep it.

Debby Mayne said...

Hey, Lisa! I just found your blog! I'm super excited about being in this anthology with you, Paige, and Beth! See you next week in Minneapolis!

How's that for overuse of exclamation points? *g* And I stand behind every single one of them!

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