Monday, February 12, 2007

A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Francine Rivers and hearing her speak at one of my writer’s conferences. She was warm and charming and had the sweetest disposition, exactly as I had imagined. Which is why I was so excited when I heard that her book, “The Last Sin-Eater” was being made into a movie.

I read this book after I met Ms. Rivers. Let me tell you, I couldn’t put it down. As I turned the last page, with tears rolling down my face, I breathed this silent prayer:

“Lord, I want to write like that.”

The story was raw. . .touching. I breathed in every word and lived every scene along with the main character, a young girl named Cadi. The movie was no less majestic.

I think all of us want to write something that will move people emotionally. Even more than that, I knew deep down that I wanted to write something that would move people spiritually. It’s not easy. Touching a person’s spirit requires honesty. If I’m not willing to bare my soul when I sit down at my computer, I can be assured I’m not going to write something that will leave the reader weeping and challenged.

So I put my trembling fingers on the keyboard and began to write. What flowed out of me was more exhausting, emotionally draining. . .more liberating than anything I’d ever written. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Francine Rivers. But hopefully, I can aspire to write in such a way that one day, someone will put down one of my books and say, “I want to write like that.”


Ane Mulligan said...

I felt that way about "And the Shofar Blew". One of her best. But I couldn't get passed the strange theology of The Last Sin Eater. I know, I'm weird.

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