Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hard as I’ve tried, I’ve yet to find that one person who will become my partner, my supporter, my helper. I’m talking about an agent of course. What did you think?

It all started seven years ago, the day I decided I wanted to write. I set out looking for a publisher, but gradually my focus changed and I realized that having an agent could prove to very valuable in an industry that increasingly becomes more and more competitive. So, what exactly can an agent do for you?

1. Good agents keep their finger on the pulse of the publishing industry. They know what’s selling and who’s buying.

2. Good agents will champion your work and pitch it to the right houses—houses that fit your style and voice.

3. Good agents keep you motivated, help and encourage you, offer criticism and ideas when necessary, and advise you on projects that may or may not fit the current market.

All that said, why is it so difficult to get an agent? I’ve sold a book. . .you’d think this part would be easy. Truth is there are a lot of writers out there and very few agents. Signing with one can be almost as hard as landing a contract. So starting next week, I’m going to bring you along on my journey of finding the right agent for me. I’ll start by telling you what I’ve discovered as far as what agents look for, and their most common reasons for rejecting a manuscript. After that, I’ll post an interview with Kelly Mortimer, of Mortimer Literary Agency.

So come along! Maybe we can find that elusive agent together.


Christa said...

I'm looking forward to your sharing, though I pray, for your sake, it's a short one!

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