Tuesday, May 01, 2007

So I’ve decided if I ever want to sign with an agent, I’m going to have to get off the couch and actually start looking. Part of that process involves doing a bit of research. Each agent or agency has their own specific guidelines for submission. Is there a way to narrow it down, target specific agents, say in the CBA?


One link I found particularly helpful is: http://www.christianwritersinfo.net/tips7.htm

This informational website lists several CBA agents, their websites, contact information, and much more. This site alone gave me the names and addresses of seven agents I wanted to submit a proposal to right off the bat. A quick glance at their submission guidelines, and voila! I have eight query letters sitting with eight different agencies as we speak. Tomorrow, I’ll finish off the rest, and hopefully have some answers back beginning next month.

A word of caution. . .not all agents want you to email them a proposal complete with sample chapters and author bios. Some of them request that you query first. If they are interested, they will request a proposal. Be very careful to adhere to their guidelines, since you don’t want to start off making a bad impression.


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