Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I laughed the first time I saw this photo and the caption underneath it: Not Mom's Favorite. It made me think of all the times my sisters and I teased one another about who the favorite child was (and is) in my parent's household. Of course, Mom never really had favorites, we just liked to say she did.

My relationship with God is a lot like that. When I am blessed, I feel like the bigger chick, receiving freely from my Father's hand. When I am not, I feel like the smaller chick, always watching while someone else receives the blessing. The reality? God has no favorites. He bestows blessings on all of us, just not the same way.

I should hold my published book in my hand this coming year. The last word from my editor was a release date of April 11th. How I thrilled to hear those words...but a part of me grieved for friends who have worked so hard and have yet to get THEIR phone call. It will happen someday I know. They are much too talented and dedicated for it not to. Still, who am I, that God should choose to allow the desire of my heart? Certainly, it is not because I am His favorite. More like, His favored.

And so, my prayer for the coming year is that my words will somehow bless another person. I pray I will bring honor to the Lord, and that He will use me to accomplish His purpose. I know not why or how. I know only that I am willing.


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