Friday, October 24, 2008

I have a new writer's group.

The Christian Authors Network, CAN for short, is a group of authors dedicated to the sales, marketing, and promotion of quality Christian fiction. Along with a list of services, CAN offers writers teaching tips, promotional tools, and much more! Here's a bit of info from their website:

As a Christian writer, you know the joys and struggles of a career in producing God-honoring books. Your writing is an offering to the Lord, a sacrifice of hours, love, and hard work. Take heart, dear writer. God honors the offerings of your heart.

But how do you share those offerings with others? What makes your book stand out on the shelves? The world of book marketing can be confusing, and at times, downright discouraging!
We at the Christian Authors Network understand. We’re a group of multi-published Christian authors who have joined together to spread the news about books to book lovers everywhere. That mission requires a certain amount of marketing savvy. As you know, promoting a book is hard work with many unknowns. No one person has all the answers. That’s why we’ve pulled together to share our knowledge, to encourage one another, and to offer advice on a variety of marketing strategies and avenues.

We invite you to visit our marketing blog, where you will find a wealth of knowledge from our group of experienced authors.

But it's not all about writers. CAN offers READERS the chance to check out the absolute best of Christian fiction with free books, contests, and a host of other prizes. Check us out! You'll be glad you came.


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