Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ah, technology. It's a wonderful thing, right? At least, that's what I keep telling myself. Until I get bombarded with more and more of it. Until all of my time is spent facebooking, twittering, blogging, shoutlifing, website updating, emailing...well, you get the picture.

Still, with the advent of online marketing comes the necessity for establishing a strong web presence. journey into Facebook. Imagine my surprise when a wee little bird whispered into my ear, and said, "Peace, be still! There's no need to update them all. You can link your accounts."

Oh, what joy! What happy news! Oh...all right...I'm done being melodramatic. So in case I'm not the only one who WASN'T aware that it's possible to link your accounts so that one post updates them all, I'm going to post a few simple instructions here. Hey, if I can do it, anybody can...

1. Log in to Facebook
2. On your main Profile page, click on the tab that says "Wall."
3. Below that, you will see links that say "Update Status," "Share Link," "Add Photos," "Write
Note," "Take like..." and a down arrow.
4. Click on the arrow and in teh drop-down menu, click on "Import."
5. A gray box will appear with Available Sites listed.
6. If you have a blog, use the "Blog/RSS" icon. Click on it.
7. Type the URL of your public blog.
8. Facebook will automatically locate your RSS feed URL.
9. The icon will now appear below a faint gray line, meaning it's active and loaded and linking to your blog.
10. Whenever you post a new post, Facebook will automatically detect and load the "note" into your Wall so others can view it.

Simple, right? Ah, technology.


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