Monday, January 05, 2009

My family and I went home for Christmas this year, to a wonderful surprise. Snow! Lots of it. Lots and lots and lots of it. More snow than my home state of Michigan has seen for years. So much snow...okay, so you get the idea.

Anyway, all that snow took me back to my childhood when snowdays were a common occurence, and forts made in the snow provided hours of entertainment. I remember burying my sister up to her neck in the stuff one year, and teasing her unmercifully when she begged me to let her out and I threatened to go inside without her.

Another time my sister and I tunneled into a drift so high we were able to stand up inside! Okay, so we were only four feet tall, but still.

What fun it was to see it snow like winters past, and what fun it was to drive home after two weeks to my home in warm and sunny Texas! :-)

But I got a precious gift from my baby sister this Christmas, a photo of the snow-covered road leading to my parent's house. She took the picture herself, and titled it "Almost Home."

Yes, I thought as I looked at it. I am.


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