Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No one correctly solved Monday's mystery! Better luck next time sleuths...

Thaddeus Twiddle, a bedridden 92 year-old stroke victim, lived in his mansion with his sister, staff and private nurse. Because of his incapacities he could neither talk nor write. So he had no way to tell his sister that he hated his dour, fussy, malicious, sadistic nurse, Miss Prout, and wanted her dismissed at once.

One day, when Miss Prout brought him a cup of bitter tea, which always burned his throat and made him nauseous, he looked for something with which to strike her. Spotting the glass he kept his false teeth in, he smashed the top of it and held the weapon under the covers.

As Miss Prout leaned over to force the bitter brew down his throat, he jabbed the jagged glass into her throat, killing her instantly as she dropped the teacup. Twiddle died in his sleep before he could be prosecuted. As for the late Miss Prout, a little TLC would have prevented her premature RIP.


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