Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Max’ism – Choose This Day
Joshua 24:14-18

Having a dog is like having another child. They need food. They need shelter. They need. . .well, they don’t need clothing, but you get the idea.

From his earliest days, I was the one who got out of bed at 3:00 a.m. to take Max outside. I’m still the one who feeds him daily, gives him baths, takes him to the vet, and cleans up his messes. When he runs off, I’m the one who tromps through the woods to go look for him. When he picks a fight with my daughter’s cat (she outweighs him by ten pounds) I’m the one who rushes in to rescue him. I do this because despite all the trouble he gets into, I love him.

Max was in a playful mood one day, and my husband and I took turns tossing a plastic toy for him to fetch. When playtime was over, I called Max to come sit with me on the couch. He refused, and sat staring at the toy clutched in my husband’s hand instead.

“Max, come sit,” I repeated.

He wavered. I could see the hesitation in his eyes as he looked from me to the toy. In the end, he chose the toy.

And then it occurred to me. God cares for me. He feeds and shelters me. He clothes me. When I was lost, He came looking for me. He binds up my hurts and rushes in to protect me. And yet. . .I don’t always choose Him. In my words and deeds, I sometimes turn away from the One who gave me life. Thankfully, God is faithful, and despite all the trouble I get into, I am comforted by this knowledge—my Lord loves me. The decision whether or not to follow Him is mine. I will make it. . .daily.


Edna said...

That is such a great story about your faithful dog. Dogs are more faithful to their master that most people are to their family. As you said God is our Master and if we obeyed Him as a dog does his master then we would not have some of the problems that we have. May God bless you

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