Wednesday, May 06, 2009

No one correctly solved Monday's mystery! Here's the correct answer. Better luck next week, sleuths...

The widowed Mrs. Steele had come to regard Monsieur Harold, her hairstylist and sometime escort, as the son she’d never had. In an unguarded moment on the dance floor at The Gator Club, she had told Harold that he was the sole heir to her $11 million fortune. Harold’s eyes lit up like a cash register, as he was an inveterate loser at the dog races.

The next week, just before Mrs. Steele visited the salon for her weekly root touch-up, Harold mixed a nicotine rat poison concentrate into her hair color. Within minutes after he rubbed it into her hair, the poison seeped through her scalp and into her bloodstream. Her blood pressure shot up and she began to perspire and claw at her throat and chest. Harold called 911, but by the time the ambulance arrived, Mrs. Steele was dead.

As Monsieur Harold carried away the remainder of the incriminating hair color, the pungent odor of tobacco from the nicotine pesticide filled his salon. Since there were many NO SMOKING signs on the walls, police immediately smelled a rat.


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