Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Max'ism - Stand Your Ground

1Samuel 17:32-50

Along with Max, we have an English Springer-Spaniel named Newly. The relationship between these two dogs is tenuous at best, especially because even though Max is the smaller of the two, he is determined to be the alpha. Newly put that to the test one day, in a confrontation of wills that left me both frightened and awed.

It started innocently enough. Max and Newly took turns chasing each other around the yard. But as I watched, their playful manner became more determined, the nips, more aggressive. Finally, Max wheeled, bared his teeth, and stood his ground. Astounded, Newly drew to a halt and literally fell back on his haunches. Seeing his opening, Max attacked with all the furor an eight pound dog can muster, and vigorously started biting Newly’s ankles. I rushed forward, to both mine and Newly’s chagrin, to rescue Newly!

Now that was a sight I tell you, and it reminded me of another story I knew, about a Philistine giant named Goliath and a little boy named David. And suddenly I thought about the giants I face in my own life, the biggest one being my fear of sharing my witness.

How easy it is to turn tail and run when life throws me difficult situations or tough decisions. But that is not pleasing to God. He wants me find strength and courage in Him, to face my trials with bravery and honor. Most of all, I hear Him command me. . .to stand my ground.


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