Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Max’ism: Love One Another

Romans 12:9-21

“You kids fight like cats and dogs.”

Mom used to tell us that all the time. I never really understood it until I had my own kids. I understood it better when we got Max, and my daughter got a cat.

Those two go round and round. The pitter-patter of little feet? It’s more like the growling, hissing, and tromping of sworn enemies. Up the stairs, down the stairs, through the kitchen, over the couch—they fight and chase until one of them gets exhausted, or until one of them wins.

After a particularly extended brawl, Max came trotting down the stairs, a tell-tale bit of fluff dangling from his mouth. He looked downright smug, and the cat had a little less fur. Don’t worry. The cat got her revenge one day when Max lay on the floor napping. With all the stealth and cunning cats are known for, she climbed onto the couch above Max’s head, timed her leap, and pounced! Woken from a peaceful slumber, Max yelped, jumped up, and the chase was on.

It was so funny, so ridiculous, and so. . .familiar. Instead of being the brothers and sisters Christ wants us to be, we sometimes squabble amongst ourselves over trivial things. We allow little issues to disrupt the unity of our fellowship, and we put our own wants and desires above the needs of our brethren. How it must grieve the Lord to behold our selfish attitudes, when He specifically commanded us to love and care for one another. I hope we consider His words when we’re tempted to fight…like cats and dogs.


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