Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Max’ism – Be Persistent
Luke 18:1-8

Max is a very persistent fellow. . .must be the Ludwig in him coming out. This was evidenced the other day when he felt like playing and I didn’t. Max brought his squeaky to me and dropped it next to my chair.

“Not right now, Max,” I said.

He nudged it with his nose until it touched my feet.

“No, Max,” I repeated.

He picked it up, squeaked it, then wedged it tightly between my crossed ankles. Laughing, I called to my husband. “Check this out. Look what Max is doing.”

My husband came into the room and together we pretended to be fascinated by the T.V. Max stared up at me, finally growling low in his throat.

“Did he just growl at you?” my husband asked, laughing.

“He sure did.” I picked up the toy and tossed it into the kitchen. Max scrambled forward to retrieve it. “He’s persistent, that’s for sure.”

Which got me to thinking. God said we are to be persistent in approaching Him. We are not to give up nor surrender the powerful weapon we have in prayer. God will bring justice for His chosen ones, those whom He has called members of the household of faith. The question then, really is do we have enough faith in Him in to keep seeking?


Ane Mulligan said...

Ha! Max reminds me of Shadrach. And that growl isn't a growl. He's talking to you in dog-speak. Shad even changes the pitch of his voice when he "talks." And then he's figured out he really gets our attention when he moves his mouth around so the sound comes out in woos and whoas. It's hilarious!

Once they figure out something that gets attention, they begin to do it more. Watch out! :D

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