Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I didn’t know when I set out to be a writer, how many other things I would be called upon to do.

Since the sale of my first book, I’ve had to learn how to set up my own website. MY OWN WEBSITE! If I’d been told a year ago that I would know how to do that, I would have laughed. This techie geek wannabe has lofty ambitions but very little talent (g). Still, I knew I’d have to tackle that obstacle if I wanted to market my books effectively. But money was a problem. While I would have loved to just pay someone to build me a website, waiting for that would have meant delaying several years. So, with the help of a crit partner who pointed me in the right direction, I set off to do the impossible. Now, making changes to my site has become second nature. Even…gulp…easy. Never would I have dreamed I’d say that.

Once I’d conquered that beast, I thought I’d take another step and start an online web log…a blog if you will. More to learn. More to study.

I’m not as comfortable writing my own html mind you, but I’m learning. Even my kids are proud. When I showed the new blog to my son, he laughed and said, “Mom, one of these days you’re going to call me over and say, ‘Look, son. I’ve broken into the White House computer.’”


While that may be a while off, it was still fun to hear. It made me feel like I really was part of the computer savvy generation. But having said that, is it really all that important for a first time author?

I think so. Never let anyone tell you that the work is over once you’ve sold a book. Much as we’d all like to think so, no one will market that book for you. It falls to each of us to get our names out to the public, to “sell” ourselves so to speak.

On top of my website and blog, I’ve also learned how to make book marks and business cards. I’ll post the instructions on the Writer’s Resources of my website if you’re interested. I also bought a high quality color printer so I can print postcards when my book cover comes out, and I’m leaning toward creating a monthly newsletter. Sound like a lot of work? It is…but so is the life a writer. Deciding if it’s what you want is up to you.

Oh, and btw, I have no ambitions of breaking into the White House computer. . .


Ane Mulligan said...

LOL - well, should you start writing politicla intrigue, Lisa ... Hmmm. :o)

The White House said...

We're watching you.

Gina Holmes said...

Lisa, I'd love for you to post how to make bookmarks. Awesome. I'm enjoying your site. Definitely get a new blog skin when you can swing it. It makes a big difference in readership not having one that looks like everyone else's. But I'm proud of you too. Your son's funny.

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