Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ever have one of those days—the kind that starts out at full throttle and doesn’t slow down until the next morning? So what do you do when you’ve got proposals to write, speeches to prepare, marketing tools to make and no time to do it?

Plot. Plan. Schedule.

Whatever you call it, the key is to get organized. . .and not to panic. I started out yesterday with several items on my calendar, all of them screaming for my attention. I worked feverishly, trying to get them all done at once. Since I’m posting this today, you know how well that went.

So I tried a different tactic. I tackled every thing the way I would if they were piled up on my desk at work—one at a time. Rather than worry about what wasn’t done, I complimented myself on the three Max’isms I was able to finish, the blog article I completed, the marketing items I prepared for Saturday’s class, and the three pages I added to my wip. Added to that, I worked on a review I’d been putting off since Christmas. While there is still plenty on my plate to keep me busy, I’m not feeling the pressure the way I did yesterday. Must be because I got so much done. Or maybe…

Did I forget to mention prayer? There I sat with my blank computer screen staring at me and no words flowing from my fingertips. Just when I thought I was ready to give up and pitch the whole thing into the trash, an encouraging thought came to me. Pray.

“Lord,” I said, “I’ve got four articles to write and not a single idea for any of them. Help?”

And just like that, I felt myself relax. Suddenly the ideas started flying. The words appeared as if by magic, and all of the stress I’d been feeling about not having anything done vanished.

Call it a light bulb moment.

All of a sudden I remembered what God said about equipping us to do the tasks He has called us to do. No more Manic Mondays for me. From now on, I’m starting with prayer.


Ane Mulligan said...

Whenever I have an off day, I realize I forgot my quiet time. When oh WHEN will I remember to start EACH day with the Lord? Sheesh. I wake up and the tryanny of the utgen starts vying for my attention. Grr.

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