Monday, January 22, 2007

I never imagined when I started on this writing journey, how much would be involved outside of writing. Things like marketing, promoting, and. . .blogging. It can be a bit overwhelming.

Or it can be exhilarating.

Just this weekend, I spoke to a group of authors about committing themselves to their work. One of the ladies approached me afterward to tell me how inspired she felt. It was then that I realized that while speaking engagements are an important part of marketing my books, they can also be a way of encouraging and witnessing to other writers—a task that I can see God was preparing me for even in high school.

I had a teacher named Barbara Burmeister my freshman year. A very creative woman, Mrs. B, as we called her, loved teaching drama and theater arts. She encouraged me to try out for a school play, from which commenced a four year relationship that often involved her signing me up to speak to women’s clubs and community groups. I did more veteran’s programs and rotary dinners than I can remember. Every time I passed her in the hall she told me about another event she’d enlisted for me. But it wasn’t until this weekend that I appreciated her for it.

“You’re such a confident speaker,” one woman told me. “Thank you so much for sharing your time with us.”

And I thought of Mrs. B.

Right then, I whispered a prayer of thanks for this energetic woman who never let me pass up a chance to speak in front of people. In so doing, she helped the Lord prepare me for what lay ahead.

“If God has called you to write,” I told the ladies this weekend, “then He will equip you to write.” I didn’t add that He would also equip us to market, promote, and speak. I smiled as I drove home from Louisiana, realizing that He even spoke to me through this little class.

I’m no longer afraid of branching out because I know that God has been preparing me for everything He has in store. I may still have an attack of nerves now and again, but what a great blessing to realize I serve an awesome God, one Who has seen and planned all of my days.

And maybe, just maybe, He’ll be able to use me to prepare someone else.


Ane Mulligan said...

I pray the same thing, to be used to help soemone else prepare. :) My first speaking engagement is tomorrow night, then another in March. Say a prayer for me, Lisa.

Lisa said...

OOO...praying for you, Ane!!

christa allan said...

I so enjoyed you speaking to us. Just wanted you to know that I signed on for your class. Can't wait to delve into murder. Hmm. Who reads this? Would that be incriminating?

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