Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What a crazy year 2007 has been.

Among other things, I became a part-time youth minister at our church. All of sudden, my walk with Christ became more than personal. It was public, watched by my family, my youth group, my church. I realized the enormity of living out my faith in such a way to bring honor to God, became agonizingly aware of my sinful nature, and learned to trust in Jesus in a way I never had before. Certainly, I’ve learned to depend on Him to make up for my shortcomings, and I’ve stepped out in faith, believing that since He’s called me to this task, He’ll also equip me.

Just last week, I paid a visit to the home of one of my youth group students, and I realized what a blessing it is for each member of my family to have their own room. I took hand-me-downs to a young girl whose family did not have money to go school clothes shopping, and I realized how fortunate I am to own a closet full of outfits and several pairs of shoes. As I write this, the words flowing easily from my fingertips, I realize how many of my students struggle just to get through English.

I’ve been so blessed.

I’ve told God that several times over the course of my life. I confirm it anew each day that I get up and do what I love—pour out my thoughts onto a blank page.

Thank you, God, for this precious gift. It is with a grateful heart that I consecrate my words to You, asking that You take them, and bless them, and use them for the honor of Your Name.


Marcia Gruver said...

Lovely post, sweetie. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful. God is so precious to give us a gift that brings so much joy--to us first--then hopefully to others.

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