Sunday, December 02, 2007

Editing can be a long process. Having survived my first content edit, I had begun to think it was smooth sailing ahead, and it was, until. . .

Line edits.

Things that had escaped my attention did NOT escape my line editor. She was as meticulous as a surgeon, carving up my manuscript like a Thanksgiving Day turkey. Despite the pain, I agreed that many of her suggestions were necessary and that the changes would make my story stronger. But what about the ones I didn’t agree with? As a first time author, was I obligated to accept all of her recommendations? Would not accepting them mark me forever as a “troublesome” author?

Fortunately, I’d sat in enough workshops to know that asking questions is not frowned upon by most editors, and I’m blessed with a great editor who welcomes communication with her authors. She answered my questions, gave ear to my concerns—after all, her goal is the same as mine. We both want to make my story the strongest it can be.

Bottom line? It is not a sin to question the recommendations your editor makes. You do, however, want to maintain a level of professionalism in your communication with her, so she doesn’t cringe every time she has to open an email from you. Most important of all—learn to choose your battles. Your editor is on your team. Next to your momma, she wants your books to succeed more than anyone else, and she’s working hard to see that it does.


Jess said...

Good post, Lisa. I just bought Ginny's latest. Look forward to getting my hands on yours. :)

Sandra Robbins said...

Line edits, huh? I haven't gotten that yet, but I'm for anything that's going to speed up the publishing process. And you're right--your editor is interested in what her writers think.

Sandra Robbins

Ane Mulligan said...

Good stuff to know, Lisa. As a crit partner, I'll be interested in what she saw that we missed!! :o)

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