Monday, February 25, 2008

It couldn’t possibly be as exciting as the first time, right? And yet there I was, dancing around my office, celebrating my second contract with Barbour Publishing.

This book, another cozy mystery entitled Died in the Wool, is set to release in the spring of 2009. The sequel to Where the Truth Lies, DITW features many of the same quirky characters as book one, yet with some interesting differences. Readers will learn more about Monah, the shy, lovable librarian with a secret. They’ll get reacquainted with Casey, the crazy web designer with a penchant for mysteries. Best of all, they’ll land squarely back in Pine Mills, the fictional town everybody wishes they could call home…that is, if you don’t mind a mysterious murder every now and then.


Chris Well said...

Congratulations on your contract! My wife and I subscribed to the HPM series - we're looking forward to our first batch of books.

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

You're in for a treat, Chris, especially if mysteries are your thing. I am in honored to be in such good company!

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