Monday, March 10, 2008

I did it! Thanks to Randy Ingermanson’s class at the ACFW conference last September entitled Marketing Methods of the Mad Genius Writer, I’ve jumped from page three hundred sixty four on Google’s list, to page one. Try it. Google my name. It’s so much easier to find me now than it was a year ago.

Here are the top ten easiest things YOU can do to make Google go ga-ga over you, too. Some of these are Randy's ideas, some are mine. Either way, I've found them to be successful:

1. Link to other writers. Believe it or not, the more you link to other authors and they link to you, the higher your Google rating.

2. Content, content, content. Make sure the content on your website or blog offers something to people searching for you besides information on buying your books.

3. Use meta tags. If you are a cozy mystery author, be sure your meta tags include the words cozy mystery author often. Don’t just throw the words in however. You don’t want to be marked as spam.

4. Use your keywords often in the content of your webpage or blog. It’ll make people browsing a subject rather than a person stumble on your webpage and hopefully come back again and again.

5. Offer freebies and merchandise. Nothing makes people return to your website again and again like the chance at free stuff. The more hits you get, the higher your Google rating.

6. Update often. A stagnant website doesn’t keep people coming back.

7. Make sure links to other websites open in a new window. That way, your website remains open even if you are directing a person to more information.

8. Start a newsletter and get people to sign up by offering something free. The more people you have subscribed to your newsletter, the broader your reach when you have news or announcements.

9. Branch out. Are you a speaker? Tape your speaking engagements and sell them online, or offer them as promotional items.

10. Make sure your website content is clean and easy to read. Nothing turns a person off quicker than having to squint to see. Can’t afford to hire a web designer to create a webpage specifically for you? No problem. There are plenty of free or low cost webpage designer programs out there. Stay tuned next week and I’ll highlight a few of them for you.


Janelle said...

Okay, when you come back next week, be sure to let me know what a meta tag is. You can even come back the following week and give some lessons. You know, something like 'websites for dummies'. (g) But thanks for the help so far. You're a gem.

Ane Mulligan said...

LOL - or you can be like me with a unique name that no one else has. :o) Actually, I've done a lot of these things for quite a while. But how did you find your Amazon number? Or do you mean there were that many other spots listed before you?

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