Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Max’ism: Be Obedient
1 Samuel 15:21-23

Obedience is not an easy thing to learn. Max struggles with it. My kids struggle with it. I struggle with it. But I finally grasped its importance watching Max submit to my will even though it broke his heart.

Max loves to ride in the car. In fact, next to eating ice cream, riding is his favorite thing to do, and he’s learned to catch the signals of when we are about to leave. As soon as I pick up my keys, Max is at the door, tail sticking straight out and nose pressed against the jamb so he can scoot out the moment I turn the knob.

“Not this time, Max,” I said. “You’re staying home.”

He didn’t budge.

“Max, you’re staying,” I repeated, this time more firmly.

He looked up with sad, puppy eyes. I shook my head. Do dogs have shoulders? If they do, his slumped. His head lowered and he slunk to the window. Front paws propped against the sill, he watched as we pulled from the driveway.

Now that was a pathetic sight, I tell you. And yet my heart thrilled at his obedience. And suddenly, I understood why God said to obey is better than sacrifice. Sometimes, He may ask us to do or endure something we totally do not understand. It may even break our hearts. The separation we feel during the struggle between doing our will and doing God’s tears at our faith. But God is patient. And He waits…to see if we will obey.


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